Deniz Evcimen

My way of getting things done.

1. Initial Consultation & Understanding Needs

I begin by understanding your goals and data requirements, then define the project scope and key metrics through detailed discussions.

2. Platform Setup & Campaign Structuring

I set up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (GTM) to track website performance and user behavior accurately. Following this, I craft thorough campaign structures on platforms like Google Ads, overseeing daily operations and optimization for optimal performance and targeting.

3. Data Analysis & Reporting

I analyze collected data using essential tools to uncover insights and trends, providing detailed monthly marketing reports with campaign performance metrics and actionable recommendations.

4. Ongoing Support & Custom Solutions

I provide ongoing support and optimization to ensure your campaigns and analytics setups are always aligned with your business goals. If specific reports are needed, I offer customized reporting services based on the scale and cleaning requirements of your data sets.

5. Project-Based Collaboration for Website Building

I collaborate with software architect Mert Erbil on client projects that require website development, ensuring seamless integration of software and web solutions.

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