My First Data Analytics Project

April 9, 2023

This content is about one of the most common problems that occur during a data analysis project, especially for beginners. This can be useful for your Google Data Analytics Cyclistic Project or any other project. I shared my experiences during the processes and what I learned, and I hope it will help you too.

If you are a course student and want to see the detailed process of a Cyclistic Case Study, you can visit my project here.

Is it normal to get stuck during your first data analytics project?

I have seen comments about this problem everywhere on Reddit, YouTube comments, forums, etc. Yes, it is so normal, especially since starting with a not suitable dataset doesn't help the process much either. I was also lost in the beginning. I felt very overwhelm cause to figure out what I am gonna do with these datasets, I changed to the case study, turned back again, change the tech stack, etc. it was a very confusing time.

After this difficult beginning, I figured out these problems. And I accepted that it is so normal to be difficult in the beginning because it will be my first project. And the journey began. But the overwhelming feeling kept coming back to the next following steps too. So it's much better to accept this in the beginning, it helped me handle bottleneck situations in my projects and move forward.

This is your first project. I know maybe you want to create new and amazing analyses but this is the beginning and the important thing in this process is that you practice your technical skills as you can. After that, you will do more unique projects and less feel overwhelmed during the process. The first one is always the most difficult one.

If I had seen something similar to this content, it would really help me embrace the difficult situation I was having with the project. I felt like I was the only one going through this process, everyone seems so calm while posting the case study! :) This is one of the reasons why I am writing this content. I mean somebody should talk about difficulties too! This is also part of the learning process.

My tips for the first data project process

I was waiting for this project step with excitement and I never expected to be stuck in the project because I studied in detail in the course and even did not skip any part. After getting lost a bit, I accepted that being impatient made things more difficult during this process and decided to embrace the situation. I realized that I can turn this stressful process into a more relaxing one as much as I can. I know myself well and I knew I would be impatient from time to time when I was doing projects, so I'm adding some motivational tips around to my workspace and working style. That worked for me! Maybe it will be of use to you.

Remember to be kind to yourself.

Nobody is born with these tech skills. You all need time and a dedicated work style which you already had it is by the finished all these courses!

Make a plan.

Weekly and daily plans will help you stay organized and prevent overwhelm. If your plans change, no problem; just write a new plan. I experienced some bottlenecks that reduced my motivation, but I continued making plans because I knew they would help me a lot.

Work in an organized manner.

When working on your project, try to keep your files organized and save every version of your work because you may need to refer back to it.

Ask questions and seek advice.

If you have questions or problems with your project, don't hesitate to ask your friends for help. They can offer ideas and insights that may prove useful. I did this and their opinion and knowledge really helped me during many processes of the project I am so grateful for their attribution. Additionally, you can ask for advice on Reddit's tech community.

Take a break.

When you are stuck or tired just take a break. It will not help if you keep going and push yourself. You can think you will figure out project tasks when you working but actually, I figure out many outlines when my coffee breaks far away from my study zone. Take a break as you need and if you get too overwhelmed and stuck even if the breaks don't help then finish your study for the day and rest. I did this a couple of times when I too overwhelm and I started to work better the following day.

And also I have never worked on weekends. As much as I want I always stopped myself and only took some notes to work on it during the weekdays. None-work days has helped me to stay focused and also improve my study during the weekdays.

Refer to your notes.

This is very important. During the course create docs for every course. You will need to remember your highlights in the project phase.

Prepare a motivational workspace.

This is my favorite tip, and it has worked well for me. After a difficult start, I wrote reminders on post-it notes and placed them on my screen. Because I have accepted the difficulties of the process, but I also know that I will need to remember. It doesn't have to be a stressful process. You can add motivational supports like objects, plants that make you happy, scented candles (orange scents are great for the working environment, according to Feng Shui!), post-its, and other reminders to support your journey.

Prepare a motivational workspace

I am still amazed that this project has progressed to the sharing phase. When I wrote these notes, I had no idea which path I would take. However, over time, everything came together, and I am going to conclude this blog with a quote that perfectly represents my journey.

“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.” ― Rumi